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Design More Efficiently

Find past and similar CAD models easily so you don't have to redesign models

Powerful tools to solve problems

Physna's functionality helps solve some of designers biggest problems

Parts within Assemblies

Physna shows parts within an assembly and shows assemblies that contain searched for parts

Attribute Search

Even if all you know about a part is an attribute (e.g. approximate hole size) you can still search for and find your model

You can search a part or model throughout your database right from your CAD software*

*new integrations continually being added and PLM integrations coming soon

Integrates with

CAD Programs 

Capabilities designed for designers

Find models based on shapes, patterns, tags, features (e.g. hole size), compliance, parts and assemblies

Find parts within assemblies and see which assemblies include specific parts

Highlight similarities and differences between models and then search based on it

Automate compliance (standard or your own custom compliance)

Identify changes between versions