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Vice President of Engineering

About Physna

Physna is changing the way software interacts with the physical world. Our engineering team is tackling a
major issue: Bridging the gap between the 3D physical world we live in and the 2D digital world of software.
Physna’s technology leads the industry and is now enabling the democratization of 3D modeling by allowing
engineers of physical products, such as mechanical engineers, to have the same fundamental tools software
engineers already enjoy. We have only scratched the surface of the full potential of this powerful
advancement, and plan to scale extremely rapidly over the coming years.
Our tech stack includes C#, .Net, SQL / mySQL, Python, Java, Javascript and REACT. Physna is used by
companies and agencies of various sizes who can choose to use Physna as a cloud or on-prem solution. Physna
can be used either as a standalone or a plugin to CAD/PLM/PDM tools and has both a PC software version and
a web app version, which can be used in conjunction.
Physna has won multiple awards for its innovative technology and its team has been featured in both national
and international news, including Forbes, Fortune, Fox Business, TED and industry publications around the
Physna’s engineers have a diverse range of talents, but all share several core traits and values:
 Eagerness to solve new, complex problems
 Ability to think outside the box to form creative solutions
 Passion for accomplishing our shared mission with a can-do attitude
 Dedication to constantly learn and improve
 Strong sense of community and support
 Culture of transparency and open accountability

The Opportunity
The VP of Engineering at Physna will be responsible for leading, growing and supporting Physna’s engineering
team, including overseeing code and development progress, creating and reviewing architecture, and directly
assisting with important technical or coding challenges as an actively engaged member of the team. The VP of
Engineering will also be heavily involved in hiring new engineers and continually evaluating the performance
of each member of the engineering team. The position is full-time. Physna has offices in Columbus and
Cincinnati, Ohio and it will occasionally be necessary for the VP of Engineering to travel to the other office
location, e.g. for training, meetings or events held there.
The compensation, benefits and incentives for the VP of Engineering are highly competitive.


The Requirements
Several areas of competence are required for this position:

Technical Skillset
 Deep understanding of, and experience working with:
o The technologies used in our tech stack (see above)
o Server architecture, client-server architecture, as well as cloud, local and hybrid systems
o Databases and database tools
o Artificial intelligence and customized machine learning for large datasets
 Experience in designing and creating highly scalable systems
 Understanding of DevOps, basic IT and cybersecurity
 Experience building APIs and integrating new software into established software
 Ability to utilize these skills in an environment dominated by visual and dimensional data (3D data as
well as 2D data)


Leadership Skillset
 Ability and willingness to lead by example (directly support in coding and solving technical challenges
hands-on when needed and appropriate)
 Ability to understand business goals and translate them into technical goals

 Capability of utilizing feedback from users and customers to itemize and prioritize technical tasks
 Experience translating macro picture goals and timelines into itemized, assigned tasks over a given
timeline to achieve those goals
 Ability to track, evaluate and develop engineers within Physna and across their careers
 Experience in complex project management and ability to effectively manage multiple teams at more
than one location with potentially complex and even codependent timelines
 Ability to constantly improve efficiency and effectiveness through organizational measures,
optimization of how and where engineering talent is used, and how to move faster and better in the
next sprint

Interpersonal Skillset & Personality Profile
Physna is a fast-paced startup developing complex, cutting-edge technology for which very few resources can
provide clear guidance. While it is crucial that every available resource is used to learn from others, there is
ultimately no roadmap because we are not traveling down a road already paved. This is part of the reason our
work is so exciting and why the company’s opportunities are so massive. At the same time, the fast pace and
complexity also accentuate the need for the right mindset and people skills for the VP of Engineering, and the
engineering team as a whole, to reach their full potential. Qualities sought after include the following:
 Energy and enthusiasm for creating working, scalable products in a cutting-edge areas of technology
 Ability to see technology trends and how Physna will scale and grow utilizing them
 Strong, self-driven work ethic and high reliability
 Honesty, transparency and loyalty to the company and team (Physna is highly averse to any form of
“office politics”)
 Ability to inspire others to fulfil their full potential, support one another, and continuously improve
their skills through learning
 Cooperative / collaborative nature
 Mentorship and encouragement of peers
 Desire to do something meaningful in life that will improve the world for others